How To Unshrink Clothes – Three Easy Solutions

It’s happened to each and every one of us and we were not happy at all, especially if the „victim” was a newly bought T-shirt or blouse we hadn’t got the chance to wear. No problem, since solutions are much easier than we imagined and can be found in the article below showing how to unshrink clothes:

Fill up a bowl of lukewarm water, making sure it is not too hot. Add in one table spoon of soft hair conditioner which will work regardless of the brand and type. If you add more water, depending on the size of the garment, then add up to three tablespoons. Soak the piece of clothing for 30 minutes and gently stretch the piece of clothing back to its original shape. Hand wash to rinse out the conditioner and lay flat to dry. You can do this using baby shampoo instead of the conditioner, both having the same effect of relaxing the fiber, especially if we’re dealing with cotton fabric.

If you have a wool or cashmere sweater, then turn to the next solution. Fill you laundry sink or a bucket with at least one liter of lukewarm water. Mix in one part white wine vinegar for every two parts water, or 1/2 liter for every 1 liter of water. Vinegar is thought to have the same capability of relaxing cloth fibers as conditioner or baby shampoo. White wine vinegar is generally preferred since it is clear and gentler than white distilled vinegar.

Soak the clothing into the solution and let it immersed for 25 minutes. If the clothes are severely shrunken, you can start stretching the garment while immersed. Remove it and then squeeze firmly. Additionally, you can roll dry towels and stuff them into the garment so they help it stretch while absorbing the excess water. Shake the garment with the towels inside for 10 minutes to stretch the fabric further. Place a hanger and hang it to air dry without rinsing it so the solution continues to relax the fibers.

For those who want to stretch a pair of jeans, a simple method is to put them on and then immerse in a tub half filled with lukewarm water. After 15 minutes, leave the tub and walk around for one hour, doing stretching moves to extend the fabric as much as possible. Hang the jeans to dry and let the gravity do the rest of the work.


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