How To Make Your Yard Look Bigger – 9 Accessible Tricks

Space is a constant challenge, whether inside or outside. For those living in houses built on a small plot of land, every step in decorating a yard has to be well weighed so the space doesn’t end up looking crammed. If you’re out of ideas, here are some tricks, coming via, on how to make your yard look bigger, leaving at least the impression of an aired perimeter, expanded way beyond its physical limits.

For a start, dress up your entryways by surrounding them with flowerbeds, shrubs, or attractive pots or planting containers, leaving the rest of the area open. In the same context, planting shrubs at the far end of your yard obscures the boundary and makes the yard’s size less tangible.

Soften borders in your yard or garden by trying to blur the boundary between the house and the yard, creating a seamless visual transition. Plan landscaping so that a balance is created between the house and surrounding plants, and the two appear to fit together naturally.

One of the ways to reach the above-mentioned objective is to break up the harsh appearance of walls and fences by planting climbing plants that will give the appearance that your yard is transcending boundaries.

Layer the garden! Create levels or tiers in your garden to give yourself more room for planting and make the most of a small area. This will also make your garden more attractive and interesting, and detract attention from the lack of space.

Planning is the key to everything. Carefully plan the size of gardens and flowerbeds before planting. This will ensure that the yard is not overpowered by plants and does not appear cramped.

Give the place a dynamic look if you have a narrow yard by creating a curved path of stepping-stones as opposed to a straight pathway. To boost the brightness of the space, use light-colored stones for your pathway.

Use the reflections of a small pond to help expand the space. If you don’t have much space, saw a barrel in half and use the lower portion as lining for a very small pond.

Create space and liven up your yard’s perimeter by using standing trellises to support any vegetables you may grow. Preferably, line them along the fence to leave the central area for flower beds.

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