How to Make a Rabbit Cage and Provide Best Living Conditions for the Animals

If you want to raise rabbits, the way to do it in the best conditions for the animals is by building them a cage comprising a wooden shelter and a welded wire enclosure for them to enjoy staying outside and moving around a bit. This is how to make a rabbit cage easy and economically.

First of all, you should decide upon the model from the various available. You could make a single-compartment cage, from wood boards, with a mostly wired front wall.

how to make a rabbit cage

how to make a rabbit cage

how to make a rabbit cage


You could also choose to make a two-story cage, with the rabbits’ house on top of the enclosure, where the animals can come down on the grass, or you could make a kennel within an enclosure.

Establish the dimensions for the chosen models considering the number of rabbits that will be living together and the space you have available.

How to make a rabbit cage. A few rules

For the kennel, you should use 1 inch boards.

The single-compartment cage should be raised on 4 – 6 inches feet so it isn’t damaged on the ground, especially when it rains.

If you make an enclosure on the ground you should dig up and lay wire, at around 8 inches in depth, so that the animals can’t dig their way out.

It is also advisable to have a drawer floor to clean up easier.

You can make the roof out of a piece of plywood, 0.4 or 0.7 inches thick, that should go at least 2 inches out the kennel walls and 4 inches in the front. You can cover it with a bitumen layer to make it impermeable.

How to make a rabbit cage. What you need on the inside

The rabbits’bed should be made out of a layer of wood shavings on which you lay straws. Rye or barley is preferable to wheat, as they absorb better. Rabbits often chew on the straws, so you should have a sufficient supply to add when needed.

Water and food should not be placed on the cage floor, because it can be messy. It’s best to have feeders and water supplies placed on the walls at a 4 inch height.


Here are some other models you can make.

how to make a rabbit cage

how to make a rabbit cage

how to make a rabbit cage


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