How To Build A Wood Fence In Simple And Easy Steps

Fences have always fascinated people by their nature as a both security and privacy barrier. A property surrounded by a fence seems to get more legitimacy and a firmer identity and presents itself as a complete space, a well-defined universe accessible only to a small group of people. And since a fence is most easily built from a material Mother Nature has abundantly offered, here are a few technical details on how to build a wood fence.

First of all, decide on a style, choosing from various models available nowadays, as seen in the images below. If you want a classy fence with vertically set wood boards, then your mission is even easier. After you made up your mind and chose the design, examine the land and mark the perimeter the future fence will cover and then place stakes at the corners where the lines will intersect and run a string between the stakes to have a broader view of the fence lines. Then measure the spacing between the posts, keeping in mind the standard spacing for fence posts is either 6-feet or 8-feet, with the variance determined by the type of fence and the topography.

How to build a wood fence at home

How to build a wood fence – mark the corners of the perimeter

How to build a wood fence at home

How to build a wood fence – place intermediary posts and run a string between them

As you set the posts, make sure each of them is at least a third underground. Bury the posts either in dirt or, depending upon your preference, concrete which will give the fence extra stability and firmness. Use a level to make sure that they are properly upright and aligned. Stake the posts to provide extra support while the posts settle. It is recommendable you use treated or varnished wood posts to cope better with soil moisture.

After installing the fence posts, the next step is attaching the rails which run from one post to the next one. Fences generally have two or three rails, depending on the height. You can attach them either using a lap joint, which is simply a groove-cut joint that doesn’t require nails or screws or, for a stronger structure, use a butt joint or a slotted joint. Rails can also be attached using decking screws.

At the end, add on the vertical boards. If you want a better looking fence, add a board one at a time on each side of the support rail. Once you’re done, you will want to treat the boards to increase the longevity of your fence. You can paint your fence, stain it, or simply apply a weather-proofing finish to keep your fence looking great for years to come.

How to build a wood fence at home

How to build a wood fence – attach the support rails

How to build a wood fence at home

How to build a wood fence – at the end, attach the vertical boards

How to build a wood fence at home

How to build a wood fence – the finished project


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