How To Build A Mini Greenhouse Step By Step

The garden can always be close to us regardless of the physical space we have behind the house. And nothing provides a greater satisfaction than putting on the table what you grow in the small green universe around your house, whether found in pots, containers or a mini greenhouse. This article shows details about how to build a mini greenhouse so that you can grow veggies or enjoy your favorite flowers regardless of the season outside.

Since we wanted to move beyond the simple container gardening concept, we looked for a more ambitious project, yet easy to carry out. We will show you the steps needed to build a mini greenhouse from PVC pipes. The size of the structure is your own choice, depending on the space you have, but the steps are all the same regardless of the dimensions. You only need relatively thin PVC pipe, no more than 1.5” wide, and many way joints. You can go for thicker pipes if you want a bigger and sturdier construction. You will also need to measure the dimensions that you want and determine the amount of pipe that you need from that.

How to build a mini greenhouse in the garden

How to build a mini greenhouse – pipes and joints

Start by joining the pipes which will make the base and then the walls, as the images below show. After completing this step, raise the walls of the mini greenhouse, adding a central support element lengthwise to give the structure greater stability and strength. After the four walls are built, it is time to build the roof following the same easy recipe. The secret lies in finding the right joints that will fix the pipes at a 45 degree angle. Again, images below are very helpful.

How to build a mini greenhouse at home

How to build a mini greenhouse – build the base and walls first

construirea unei minisere How to build a mini greenhouse 3

In the end, you should get the framework of a tiny house which you only need to cover to get the job done. You can attach it to the ground with stakes and ties or to a raised bed with a conduit anchor but be sure to only attach one long side. This will allow you to lift the structure to water and care for your plants. Finally, cover the structure with plastic or cloth. If using sheet plastic, use thin clear plastic and cover the whole structure with one large sheet if possible. You can also cover the long side walls and the roof with one single sheet. Whatever material you use, wrap the structure and then secure with tape, duct or packaging.

How to build a mini greenhouse at home

How to build a mini greenhouse – cover the structure with transparent plastic sheet

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