How to Build a Garage Cheaply. Easy-to-make Wood Garage in Six Steps

If you want to offer your car protection, but also offer yourself an organized space for when you need to work on it, building a garage is a must. Depending on its size, you can also gain some extra storage room around the house. Here’s how to build a garage cheaply, out of wood planks, in six steps.

1. Form the blanket

Mix two shovels of sand for every shovel of cement, forming a bulk. Spread it sprinkling some water every time you add another shovel. Also mix with the shovel for the ingredients to weld better.

2. How to build a garage cheaply. The wood frame

Place some thick wires within the blanket to help you install the wooden frame. You will need 12 wood pillars, nailed together, to form the wood frame. It can be square square or rectangular, according to your needs.

3. How to build a garage cheaply. Plank

After you have installed the frame accordingly, you can start to nail the planks on each side. They must be placed very closely together to keep snw or dust out of the garage. Try to fit the planks to form straight lines.

4. How to build a garage cheaply. The roof

You can make a cheap roof using also planks, nailed closely, and adding poly-carbonate or rubber sheets above. Anyway you go, your roof will hold for at least 5 years.

5. How to build a garage cheaply. Paint or polish

You can choose paint or polish for the walls, they will look new and nice either way.

6. How to build a garage cheaply. The inside

The inside of the garage will be organized as you wish, but it is recommended that you make room for a heater. This way, you can prevent your car from freezing during winter and avoid having a hard time starting it in the morning.

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