How to Put Cement Into Foundations and Ceilings. The Concrete Recipes

In constructions, the concrete resistance for the various components depends on getting the density, homogeneity and casting right. The main ingredients for concrete are cement, aggregates (natural rocks in different sizes, from fine sand to stones) and water. The cement-water mixture acts as a binder for the aggregates and needs different density for each building structure. This is how to put cement into foundations and ceilings.

Foundations, but also pattens, concrete floors, fence foundations, pavements are built using B100 (C6/7.5; BC7,5) concrete.

Preparation: 1 shovel cement – 10.5 shovels ballast – 120 oz water.

How to put cement into foundations and ceilings. Alternative foundations

In foundations, patterns arme, concrete floors, facility houses, B150 (C8/10; BC10) is better than B100.

Preparation: 1 shovel cement – 7.5 shovels ballast – 100 oz water.

How to put cement into foundations and ceilings. The concrete for tie plates

For building of a resistance structure: tie plates, bottom pillars, lintels etc. with an average resistance, B200 is used (C12/15; BC15).

Preparation: 1 shovel cement – 6 shovels ballast – 85 oz water.

To increase resistance use B250 (C16/20; BC20).

Preparation: 1 shovel cement – 5 shovels ballast – 75 oz water.



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