Houses With Three Attic Bedrooms

The ideal home is the one featuring differently assigned spaces, such as the living area, where we gather in the family and have fun with friends, and the sleeping quarters, where we protect our intimacy far from the fuss on the ground floor. Today we have come up with plans of houses with three attic bedrooms that meet the above-mentioned criteria so that house harmoniously blends comfort and practical features.

The first example is a very beautiful house featuring a modern design, with protruding volumes and facades sporting decorative elements that alternate stone and brick. On the ground floor, the living also engulfs the dining with access to an outdoor patio. The kitchen, the bathroom and a technical rooms complete the first level. Upstairs, in the attic, rest three bedrooms, a bathroom and a dressing. The house with a living area of 117 square meters sells for an amount between 34,000 and 41,000 euros, VAT not included, in the semi-finished stage.

case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-1 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-2 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-3 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-4 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-5

The second plan featured an imposing design which brings together a traditional gable roof and modern facades with ample glazings. The side volume is covered in stone while the balconies open the interiors to fine views. The house features a total living area of 130 square meters and brings together all the living areas in one single open space, next to a study which can be converted into a bedroom. Three bedrooms and a bathroom lie upstairs, all the four rooms connected to a balcony. The turnkey price of this house varies between 56,000 and 80,000 Euros, depending on the finishes.

case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-6 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-7 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-8 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-9 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-10

The third plan is a house featuring a different architecture, with classic and somewhat rustic features, all focusing around the tall chimney on the side. The house has a living area of 106 square meters and groups the living area in a single space, with the dining placed in the triangular bay window. Upstairs rest three bedrooms, the master with its own bathroom and balcony. The turnkey rice of this house is 52,500 Euros.

case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-11 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-12 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-13 case-cu-trei-dormitoare-la-mansarda-houses-with-three-attic-bedrooms-14


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