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One can hardly imagine a house with no outdoor spaces. They should be, at least in theory, integral parts of the home so that comes in a full functional and cozy package. Below are three houses with large patios, on a single or two levels, that are designed to entice into the open air where you can easily recharge the batteries at the end of the day.

The first example is a house that resembles the Prussian style, with pitched roofs covered in tiles and spacious attics. The house has two stories covering a total living area of 186 square meters. On the ground floor lie a spacious living room which takes almost half of the surface, the other half housing a kitchen, a study and a bathroom, along storage spaces and a hallway. A generous terrace is accessible from the kitchen and can always serve as a dining space on those beautiful summer evenings or mornings. The first floor incorporates three bedrooms, two of them opening into balconies. A high chimney on the side confirms the classic appearance of the house. The price stands at about 65,000 Euros.

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The second example is a one story small house on a total living area of 99 square meters. It is a house featuring a simple traditional design, but which surprises with its interesting exterior decorative elements and front and back outdoor spaces. The plan of the house is dominated by the day spaces, the same trio – living room, dining room and kitchen – with direct access on a patio in the back that oozes along one of the sides of the building. Two bedrooms arranged in the other corner of the building, away from the bustle of the outer space, complete the living space. If you love this cozy nest, then you should know that it sells for 42,000 euros.

proiecte-de-case-cu-terase-mari-houses-with-large-patios-9 proiecte-de-case-cu-terase-mari-houses-with-large-patios-10 Model

The last plan shows a two story house featuring a special design which brings forth a Mediterranean feel, with generous outdoor spaces making a smooth transit towards the nature. On the ground floor, most of the space is dedicated to the living area which opens into a back patio, while the kitchen and the dining rest separately, in an area which is personalized by a superb bay window. Three bedrooms rest upstairs, the master having the privilege of access to a 16 square meters deck. The 122 square meter house sells for about 68,000 Euros.

proiecte-de-case-cu-terase-mari-houses-with-large-patios-6-1 proiecte-de-case-cu-terase-mari-houses-with-large-patios-6-2 proiecte-de-case-cu-terase-mari-houses-with-large-patios-6-3 proiecte-de-case-cu-terase-mari-houses-with-large-patios-6-4


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