Homemade Air Fresheners – Easy And Efficient Recipes

In search of refreshing your home, just avoid the harsh artificial scents provided by chemical packed store bought air fresheners. Nature has instead much to offer when it comes to perfuming our home with beautiful aromas. The effects is, first and foremost, healthy and durable, while the house will fill with fresh air and authentic fragrances that will also make more energetic. Below are some recipes for homemade air fresheners so that you meet the holiday spirit in an atmosphere bursting with cheerfulness.

In a previous article, we offered some easy recipes for homemade air fresheners, using various ingredients, but all prepared in the same manner, by boiling. Find some more details by clicking on this link.

Another efficient method to freshen up your interiors is by using sprays which you can buy empty, in different volumes, and then fill with different ingredients. Here are some simple recipes to get that unique smell in your homes. The first recipes requires 1 cup distilled water and 8-10 drops essential oils of your choice. The next recipes recommend a mix of several types of essential oils, such as: 6 drops bergamot essential oils, 1 drop eucalyptus essential oil and 2 drops lemon essential oils.

For this next recipe you need 6 drops cedar wood essential oils and 3 drops of tea tree essential oils. Moving on, mix 5 drops of orange essential oils and 2 drops of cinnamon essential oils. You can also rely on a mixture between of 4 drops chamomile essential oils, 3 drops orange essential oils and 2 drops ylang ylang essential oils. Last, but not least, put together 4 drops lavender essential oils and 3 drops chamomile essential oils. All these combinations above mentioned should be added to the cup of distilled water in the spray bottle, then cap the bottle, shake well and allow to sit for a few hours before using.

You can as well use any of these compositions in a mason jar with reed diffusers. Cover them with cork tops in which you will drill a small hole to get a final tight opening. Insert long rattan reeds or bamboo skewers in the small opening and the perfume will soon start spreading across the home. You can set the intensity of the fragrance by reducing the volume of distilled water or you can replace it with carrier oils, such as sweet almond oil (about ¼ cup for 15 drops of essential oils).

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