Home Ideas – Brief Cleaning Guide

Since the weekend is just beginning, we resume the discussion about simple ideas gathered from around the house that will put their hand to late week cleaning. So here are some more home ideas that can turn into efficient and accessible solutions every time you need help, coming via Realsimple.com.

Dust is anywhere, whether we look at horizontal or vertical surfaces. Some of them can be easily dusted, others not. What do you do when dust sets on the fragile shade of a lamp where, if you wipe firmly you may end up with some stains left on it. Run a lint roller up and down the outside of the lamp shade to get rid of small particles that shouldn’t be there and the sticky tool will not leave a stain behind.

Since we mentioned spots, you probably noticed that vacuuming leaves some mark at the bottom of the wall where you hit with the vacuum head. To avoid the skid marks, cover the edges of the vacuum head with masking tape so they won’t leave dark smudges when you inevitably bump into the walls. There will be no more black marks on your cleaning record.

The next idea seems out of the unbelievable category that we had to reread the original text to make sure we got that right. If you have any label or stickers stuck to a mirror, window or glass table top and they just won’t go away no matter how hard you try, just banish them by applying a generous helping of mayo to the persistent adhesives. Let it work for a while, then use a flexible putty knife to help coax them off. If it worked for others, it will surely work for you.

Men who use the classic razors also use shaving cream cans which, if left in the bathroom, end up with rust at the base for reasons easy to understand. If this sight bothers you, next time you buy a new shaving foam can, coat its bottom with nail polish and rust rings will no longer be seen on the ledge of the tub.

Finally, if you have a plastic container where you store food and want to lose that characteristic smell that accumulates in time, stuff a balled-up piece of newspaper into the plastic container that has developed a funk, and let it sit overnight. By morning the paper will have absorbed the offending smell.

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