Healthy Pesticides Free Tomatoes. A Smart Trick for More Natural Products

Tomatoes are massively consumed from spring till autumn and the offer in the markets is accordingly. So growers strive to get them as good looking, juicy and, tasty and also as organic as possible. This is of course quite a challenge even for more  experienced gardeners, so here’s a trick for growing healthy pesticides free tomatoes.

You can skip spraying the plants with this interesting and easy solution, using the most important agent in pesticides – copper.

Healthy pesticides free tomatoes with a copper wire

The trick is to stick a copper wire into the stem when the plant gets 8 – 10 inches high. You can do it right before you plant the seedlings.

You can find copper wire in old telephone cords or cables. Uncover the wire, scrub off any protective layer left with a piece of sandpaper and break it into 1 – 1.5 inch pieces for every plant you have. They should look like rather thick sewing needles.

Section the stem with the wire at 1 inch above the ground (2 according to some), below the first fully formed leaf. Bend down the edges of the wire along the stem, don’t wrap it around.


Healthy pesticides free tomatoes. How does copper work

The most common pesticide is copper sulfate with whitewash solution.

By sectioning the tomato stem with a copper wire, the sap that travels from the roots to the leaves meets and interacts with the metal. The copper molecules and the plant cells work together in the plant’s veins to keep away fungus and other pests.

Healthy pesticides free tomatoes. Complementary tricks

Besides using copper wire, you can plant white mustard or tagetes on the tomato beds, because fungus keeps away from these plants.


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