Growing Oyster Mushrooms For Profit

Growing mushrooms is probably the business idea that people think of the most. While the Champignon mushrooms may require some investment and extra care, the oyster mushrooms are the perfect choice for someone willing to try his or her hand in business. So here are more details on growing oyster mushrooms for profit, with the recommendations coming via

Such mushrooms are enjoying a high level of demand. Last year alone, Americans grew more than a million and a half pounds of exotic mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms, a type of exotic mushroom, are one of the easiest exotic mushrooms to grow. They can grow in about six weeks’ time, and are currently selling for about $6 a pound wholesale and $12 a pound retail. They’re fairly easy to grow, they grow quickly, and they can make you good money—all reasons why you should choose oyster mushrooms to grow for profit.

There are two ways you can get your spawn. You can make your own using a sterile culture. In the long run, this can be less costly, but the start-up costs can be very high. Instead, consider buying ready-to-inoculate spawn from a supplier. Your incubation room will need to be at a certain temperature to help your mushrooms get off to a great start. A temperature in the mid-70s should do the trick.

You just meed to make sure any surfaces that come into contact with your straw, spawn or eventual mushrooms are clean. Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces. Spray a 10% bleach solution in the air. Seal off any drafts using weather-stripping or caulk. And finally, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling any substances.

If you wonder how to sell these mushrooms, then there are three places in particular that you’ll want to try. Farmers’ markets draw big crowds who might be eager to try your mushrooms. Restaurants have to get their fresh mushrooms from somewhere, so why not from you? And finally, many supermarkets are carrying exotic mushrooms, and there’s a good chance they might want to buy yours.

Since oyster mushrooms are so productive, you don’t need much growing area to be a success. Here are some numbers to get you thinking about what you might want. In a growing area that measures about 100 square feet, you can produce around 2,500 pounds of mushrooms a year. Selling at $6 a pound, that means even a tiny 100 square foot growing area can be worth about $15,000 a year.

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