Green Fencing Ideas – Aesthetics And Functionality

We have looked at fences from the perspective of various materials they are made of, stone, concrete slab, wrought iron or PVC. Each has, more or less, a decorative role and finally brings its contribution to the overall image of a property. This time we turn our attention to the invention of a Dutch company, modular green fences that have turned successful worldwide, especially in urban areas where the need for nature is felt more arduously. Here are more details about such green fencing ideas in the following article.

The main advantage of this type of fence is undoubtedly its superior aesthetic contribution, incomparable with the other types mentioned earlier. It is ideal for mapping a garden, for example, providing a unified landscape from one end to another. It equally provides increased protection, particularly against the prying eyes of neighbors. Moreover, say the producers, such fencing discourages any act of vandalism, being an effective deterrent against graffiti and other anti-social behavior. Last but not least, this fencing solution puts its shoulder to the wheel in efforts to ensure nature conservation and cleaning air in big cities.

Green fencing ideas

Green fencing ideas – eye-catching and durable screens

garduri modulare cu plante Green fencing ideas 2 garduri modulare cu plante Green fencing ideas 3

The green screens can be installed in just a few hours and can be planted year round (except for periods with frost). For installation against an existing wall no extra materials are required. For installation around gardens you need to secure the screen to posts. They can be ordered at the desired height of up to 3 meters and are perfect for use as a sustainable and secure boundary around gardens, schools, colleges, hospitals and other sites. The green panels have galvanized wires in their structure and can be delivered with a variety of plants and sizes such as ivy, beech, carpinus and ligustrum. The video below gives an overview of the production process of this type of hedge.

The price of such a green fence varies by height, ranging between 84 and nearly 200 euros for each panel with a length of 1.2 meters. Thanks to the huge success the invention has enjoyed worldwide, the company has expanded the usefulness of these hedges as interior dividers that impart energy into offices and various other workspaces. The system is now found on walls and even on the roof, completely coating the buildings in such ecological clothes.

Green fencing ideas

Green fencing ideas – matching any type of terrain and area

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