Gas or Electric Oven? What’s the Best Choice for Your Cooking?

The oven is the focal point of your kitchen, the spot where you cook dinner for your loved ones or large meals for parties. It’s one of the first appliances you choose when moving or renovating. And what you have to decide first is whether going for a gas or electric oven. Here are the advantages for each type, so you can make the best choice for your cooking style and needs.

The old school gas oven is still a more frequent choice, as it’s easy to work with and it involves low costs. But these last years, the electric oven has become more and more popular, thanks to a whole series of advantages which are undeniable.

Gas or electric oven? Advantages of going old-school

Lower consumption and costs

The cost of running a gas oven is lower than for using an electric oven, because gas is cheaper than electricity. Using a gas oven will be allow you to make substantial savings on the long run.

Heats up very fast

The heat is produced instantly, as you turn on the fire and can be controlled easily. Once you turn off the heat, you can leave the food there without burning it.

Doesn’t dry the food

The gas oven keeps the moisture better, thanks to the vapors that are released, which makes it ideal tfor juicy steaks.

It runs independently

In the event of a power shortage, a gas oven continues to work optimally.

Gas or electric oven? Advantages of the electric oven

Cooks quickly and uniformly

The heat is drier and distributed uniformly, which makes it more appropriate for baking cakes and grilling.

Optimal control of temperature

You can set up the temperature precisely, closely observing all your recipes.

Can have complementary functions

Electric ovens can have a variety of functions and accessories, such as grilling, special ventilation and baking pizza programme. Some models are equipped with a low temperature programme, just to heat up the food.

Is ideal for a modern kitchen

Its attractive design and easy usage makes it perfect for a modern space.

It can come with automatic cleaning

Some models come with an automatic cleaning function. For instance, they can be heated to 900 degrees, transforming food debris and grease into ash, which can then be easily removed.


As it doesn’t have to be connected to the gas supply, an electric oven can be installed easier, with no professional assistance, anywhere in the kitchen.



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