Free Home Plans – The First Step To Making A Dream Come True

The dream of a house, that corner of peace and intimacy we all look for, far away from the city hustle, is deeply rooted in our minds. We put everything on paper, an imaginary plan in which position every corner and room in an overall layout exuding harmony. There’s probably no home plan which doesn’t start first with the filter of the future owner’s imagination, trying to leave his or her mark based on tastes and needs. And since any dream also needs a plan of all sorts, here are a few websites offering free home plans, the first step towards turning a dream into reality.

And, to give this technical article a bit of feeling, here is a positive example given by the specialists of the Astra Traditional Museum in Sibiu, a city in central Romania, who offer free plans and manual labor for those interested in building Romanian traditional plans. The museum has about 200 different home plans, all for traditional peasants’ homes coming from various historic regions of the country. The sole condition those interested have to meet is to build these homes in the same historic region they come from so to keep a unitary traditional landscape.

For a traditional house spreading on 40 square meters, the manual labor costs start from 25.000 lei (about 5,500 Euros) and can go up to 60,000 lei (more than 13,000 Euros) for bigger surfaces. The project lasts between one and three months, depending on the complexity of the works, and the final prices range from 20,000 Euros to 50,000, based on the construction materials used, from wood to bricks. All the projects are ascribed to traditional craftsmen from the region the plan comes from, according to

A website which offers free plans in Romania is based on a program which particularly envisions families with social cases (members with disabilities, families whose homes were destroyed in natural disasters, young teachers and medics working in isolated communities etc.). These are economical house plans which can be accessed via registration following this link. Also, website says it sends free home plans to those showing interest by registering.

Other websites such as and also give away free home plans. If you are interested in building a tiny home, a trend which is now expanding worldwide, then you can check these free plans on this website. Escaping the daily routine, even on a few square meter surface, can only do good. Similar plans – small and tiny homes and cabins – can be found on

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