Four Gadgets That Make Cooking Easier And Pleasant

Kitchen is the space in which we relax cooking, a good opportunity to also chat with the family. And as modern technology comes to our help, now we have plenty of time for such special moments when, in the evening or on weekends, we strengthen the bond with the family. Today we show you four gadgets that will take some of the cooking and cleaning burden off your shoulders for you to enjoy more spare time.

A hand mixer is always helpful in a kitchen. The new modern appliances now come with a range of technologies that facilitate cooking, such as dual blade action, shredders that can crumble large quantities of meat, vegetables and other ingredients, accessories that can prepare cream and mayonnaise, powerful engines with multiple speeds and a turbo button. With such hand mixers one doesn’t not have to be a professional chef to get great results in his/her own kitchen.

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A blender will help you quickly and easily prepare refreshments for those endless discussions with family or friends. The new devices come with a filter, grinder and chipper, extending the range of uses they can have, have powerful engines for mixing light is accompanied by a bowl resistant to shocks and allows you to adjust the degree and duration of mixing. Finally, all parts can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

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All we know, peeling the garlic and then crushing it is not really our favorite activity in a kitchen. But do not worry, specialists took care of this nagging work inventing a special garlic shaker. The device, which resembles a pepper grinder, will peel garlic heads in less than 30 seconds, without you having to worry about the smell sticking to your fingers. You simply place a batch of garlic cloves inside the device’s chamber and shake it vigorously for 10 to 30 seconds. From there, you simply remove the cap and pour out the contents, which will consist of garlic cloves with their skins all magically separated.

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Kitchen scales have been around for the longest time. And, no, there’s very little need to make them smart. What those digital scales need, though, is something experts figured out: a built-in bowl, so you don’t have to reach for one when weighing loose and liquid ingredients. The bowl actually serves as the weighing platform on the scale, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into the assembly.   Since it’s already integrated, there’s no need to jump hurdles weighing it separately and subtracting the result from the total – the contraption does all that all on its own.

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