Foods you should never reheat

Nowadays, no one has time to cook every day, and those who tend to cook, prepare the food for a few days and then reheat it when they need it. However, there are certain foods that should never be reheated. Not only do they lose their nutritional properties, but some of them can become even toxic and you can get sick if you consume them.

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Foods you should never reheat

Although they have very many vitamins and amino acids, mushrooms are not digested very easily, most of the time. If you have prepared a mushroom tacanita or a mushroom pilaf, you know that they will undergo changes (change composition and taste), when you reheat them, and this can lead to different digestive problems (bloating, abdominal cramps and others), And their health benefits will be void. Instead, the mushrooms are extremely good for the body when they are consumed immediately after you have prepared them.
Spinach contains many vitamins and minerals, so it is advisable to include it in your diet. But it loses its nutrients when you reheat it and, if the temperature is too high, it can even be damaging to the body.
If heated to a high temperature, the protein composition of the chicken is changed, and the chicken will be more difficult to digest. It is advisable to eat cold chicken, but if you really want to reheat it, do it on a small fire.
In case you want to reheat the omelet, it is good to know that the eggs become toxic when they are reheated. So, if you boiled some eggs, fried them or made scrambled eggs and you want to eat them, but they cooled, let them reach room temperature. Another solution is to add them to your salad or sandwich.
Like mushrooms, potatoes lose their taste and health benefits when they are reheated. It is advisable to cook them in small quantities and eat them immediately after you have prepared them.
Last but not least, celery should always be removed from soups after being cooked. Take great care not to reheat soups that contain celery because when it is reheated it can be damaging to the body.



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