Flowers Planted in April That Bloom All Summer Long

April is the month for planting a lot of flowers. Depending on your color preferences and the area you have available, there are plenty of varieties to choose from to plant a beautiful flower garden. You’ll enjoy it all summer long and you’ll be able to make colorful bouquets to offer. Here are some flowers planted in April you can still include in your flower garden on condition that you make sure they have enough water after in the period following plantation, as temperature tend to rise at this time.


The best time to plant roses is from mid March until mid or the end of April, depending on the weather. A cloudy day is best for planting roses.

flowers planted in April

Flowers planted in April. Begonia

If you plant begonias in your garden in April, it will bloom soon enough, the next month, and will stay bloomed until the end of fall.

flowers planted in April

Sweet William

Sweet Williams can also be planted all throughout April. They will bloom from May to October.

flowers planted in April

Flowers planted in April. Columbine

Columbines have to be planted in the last part of March and the first part of April. They bloom from May to July. The plant is perennial and has a rapid growth. Its delicate flowers bloom from 12 – 16 inch high stems, in a variety of colors.

flowers planted in April



Planted in March and April, the iris will bloom starting May.

flowers planted in April

Flowers planted in April. Tuberose

Tuberose clusters, in white and pinkish hues, look spectacular and release a powerful smell. The flowers open in approximately 90 days after plantation.

flowers planted in April


The famous Mediterranean plant, so popular in perfumery and pharmacy, will make a lovely addition to your flower garden. It has a life expectancy of 20 – 30 years.

flowers planted in April

Flowers planted in April. Tagetes

Tagetes are flowers that bloom from early summer till late fall. The flowers are yellow, orange or dark red and yellow and have a specific, slightly bitter odour.

flowers planted in April


It’s planted in April and blooms from June to October. It’s a highly decorative plant, growing in tiny bushes with dark green foliage, silver on the downside, and bearing diversely colored daisy-like flowers. They open in the sunlight and stay closed during the night and cloudy days.

flowers planted in April

Other flowers planted in April and May

Corn flags can be planted in April, towards the end of the month, and in May. They will bloom in 80 to 120 days from planting.

Daisies and poppies are also planted from April till mid-May.

You can also plant dahlias at the end of April and in May and you will have them bloomed in June.

Lilies planted in April and May will blossom from July till September.

Petunias are also planted this time of the year and bloom until fall.


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