Flowers for Good Luck in the Bridal Bouquet. For Different Personalities

We’re in mid-wedding season and you should know a bit about the significance of different flowers when choosing what to include in a bridal bouquet. Here are some inspired choices you can make to fit your personality or wedding style and some flowers for good luck in the bridal bouquet.


They express elegance, grace, diplomacy and fame, being suited for a stylish bride. Nevertheless tulip bridal bouquets look very fresh.

Lily of the valey

These flowers symbolize innocence, and the bride that chooses them will be seen as faithful, delicate and somewhat childish.


Even though they are widely thought of as flowers to bring to a funeral, having a calla bridal bouquet shows great distinction. They are appreciated by artistic personalities, who enjoy fine, rare things, classic beauty and charm.


Maybe the most distinguished choice, differently colored roses in a bridal bouquet look elegant and noble. This bouquet goes best with a classic fancy wedding, that’s not extravagant.


They symbolize faith, wisdom, and destiny, making them suitable for religious or highly spiritual persons.


The sunflower symbolizes closeness, intimacy, longevity, tradition, fertility, and virility, but also brightness and generosity. Its the perfect choice in a bouquet for a cheerful, exuberant bride.

Flowers for good luck in the bridal bouquet

Flowers on your wedding day are supposed to attract happiness and keep the couple safe from harm. So the tradition is for both the bride and the groom to wear them. Elder flowers are considered especially appropriate to bring happiness to the new couple.

The bridal bouquet should contain apple tree blossoms, lavender or jasmin, to enhance chances of a prosperous and healthy marriage.

Ivy branches and four-leaf clover are also meant to bring good luck and happiness into a marriage.

Some rosemary branches in the bouquet or the bride’s wreath symbolize fidelity from both partners.


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