Five tips to spruce up your home

We leave winder drowsiness behind in spring and the first symbolic gesture that we do to highlight a new beginning of the season is changing the wardrobe and adjusting it to the latest trends. But we should do the same with our home which could always use an air of freshness, which can also have a direct effect on our state of mind. Below we are presenting five tips to freshen up your home, coming from Shane Inman, the president and the senior principal designer of an interior and exterior design company from New York, as quoted by

First, start with the essentials and a tip easy to put into practice. We do not always like changes, in general, although psychologists recommend them, whatever they may be, for a more tempered and a more mature spirit. This time we are just talking about rearranging the furniture in the living room (the opening picture) to reflect the new beginning of the season. Inman says that it is the handiest to bring to the front what used to be in the background and give old pieces of furniture a new use in the room. For example, an ottoman can easily be used as a coffee table and a chest of drawers can become a sofa side table.

The second of the five tips to spruce up your home consists in a color change. An example might be painting the dining room ceiling, says Inman, especially if it is white. He recommends replacing the classic white with a darker color that gives the room a new contrast.

Five tips to spruce up your home in spring

Five tips to spruce up your home – forget about the white ceiling of the dining-room

The third tip concerns the powder bath which, although small, can get itself a new face in all this general context of change. The interior designer recommends painting the walls in this case, at least partially, in a bold color, as shown in the picture below. Of course, any basic changes, such as new hand towels, bring freshness to this small space.

Five tips to spruce up your home in spring

Five tips to spruce up your home – vivid colors in the powder bathroom

The bedroom is central in all this aesthetic change plan. Here, if you do not feel like making ambitious changes that will consume time and financial resources, you can do what Inman calls bed-scaping for a change of colors, namely buying new sheets, pillows, and duvets. A new arrangement that chromatically integrates into the rest of the landscape, as in the picture below, gives a new tonus.

Five tips to spruce up your home in spring

Five tips to spruce up your home – the bed gets new “clothes”

For the lobby, the designer again recommends a change: installing large mirrors, the last of the five tips to spruce up your home. This not only helps create a sensation of space, but enhances the natural and artificial light for a positive effect on the person who steps into your home.

Five tips to spruce up your home in spring

Five tips to spruce up your home – a large mirror for more space and light


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