Five Alternative Uses Of Sugar

It makes our life sweeter every day, even though some see in it a merciless enemy of health. But sugar doesn’t only belong in sweets recipes or in cups of tea or coffee, but can also help in various household activities, in situations when we think only specialized products found on the shop shelves can be a solution. To give words a practical backing, here are some alternative uses of sugar that can work our way out of many home problems, seen via

If sugar invigorates us, then why not use it for the same purpose when it comes to flowers, as we’ve seen our parents do. Add about 3 teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of white vinegar to a vase filled with water. The sugar will help the flowers stay strong and perky, while the vinegar will kill bacteria and keep bugs away from your vase.

Sugar also absorbs nasty odors and moisture causing mold so rely on it to freshen up home appliances, such as coffee grinders, or thermoses and tupperware. In a grinder, pour about a quarter cup of sugar into the grinder and let it grind for a few minutes, then wash it out. Also, put about a teaspoon of sugar in the thermos or container and then close tightly. Rinse out before use. Any stale or unpleasant odors will be gone by your next use.

Based on the same principle of moisture soaking properties, keep the bread, cookies or biscuits fresh by placing them in an air-tight container where you also slip some sugar cubes.

Sugar also removes grass stains from your clothes. To get this result, mix warm water with sugar until they form a paste (little water and more sugar). Use this mixture to rub over the grass stain and let it sit for an hour, then wash with regular detergent.

If you fixed the car and were left with greasy hands, then mix sugar with liquid soap and rub the hands thoroughly. The sugar crystals and their exfoliating properties will clean the hands right away, while also removing those nasty smells. The same recipe – one spoonful of sugar and one spoonful of liquid soap – works very well if you want to lose that odor after cleaning a fish or chopping onion.

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