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A dream house is the house you dream of, but which you can ultimately afford. Small, big, it doesn’t matter, all it matters is it becomes the micro-universe where you can find the peace of mind and your life plans unfold as clear as ever at the end of the day, along your family. We have today picked three dream home ideas, relying on the premise that their architecture, alongside eye-catching exterior finishes and other design elements, shape up a personalized home which makes it stand out easily.

The first plan shows a two story house sitting on 161 square meters. The classic design spoils the look thanks to the same play of volumes and lines, giving the façade a dynamic aspect. The ground floor comes in the same classic structure of open living spaces, this time in two separate rooms, the living and the dining and, respectively, the kitchen, both connected to the outside, while upstairs the space is divided into three bedrooms and a study. The house sells for a price which starts at almost 19,000 for a standard structure.

idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-1 idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-2 idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-3 idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-4

The second example displays an exotic architecture, with the same Mediterranean air. Sitting on 113 square meters, the house is made up of two volumes covered in red ceramic tile, with a stone chimney towering on one side. The arches and stone columns add refinement to the structure. The living opens to its own patio, with a second one accessible from the kitchen and dining. Two bedrooms rest in the other peaceful corner of the home which can be bought for 56,000 Euros.

idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-9 idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-10 idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-11

Finally, the last example is a home with a living area of 98 square meters and a classy architecture, bursting with personality, featuring small design elements that insert a note of modernity into the image, such as generous glazed areas on the facades. On the main level, the living comes as a distinct space from the kitchen and dining, connected as usual to an outdoor terrace. Upstairs rest two bedrooms, each enjoying the privilege of a long balcony. The turnkey price for this house is 43,400 Euros.

idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-6-1 idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-6-4 idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-7 idei-de-case-de-vis-dream-home-ideas-7

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