The Difference Between a Shell House and a Turnkey. Why Choose to Buy an Unfinished House?

When it comes to buying or building a house, one of the first questions that pops is “Should it be traditionally built or on a wooden structure?”. But there’s an equally important question that should be asked. It’s an aspect that will have a great influence on the build-up, the budget, the time spent before moving in, as well as coming up with your own custom design ideas. We’ll tell you all about the difference between a shell house and a turnkey.

Practically, a shell house comes with the walls and roof, while a turnkey house is fully equipped to the last switch.

If you’re not willing to be involved in its build-up, but wish to be part of the set-up and design (tiling, flooring, wall painting or choice of sanitary fixtures) you can opt for a shell house or a semi-finished one and continue working on the final finishes.

The difference between a shell house and a turnkey. The expenses

A shell house, we think of an unfinished house with foundation, masonry and the roofing structure (just the framing, without the coating). The outside and interiors, the sanitary and electric equipment, the windows and doors are not included.

Semi-finished houses are insulated and waterproof and they have the roof coating, windows, doors and the walls finished on the inside and outside. The floorboards, tiles, central heat unit and sanitary fixtures are not included.

Turnkey houses are fully equipped and the owners can move right in.

The difference between a shell house and a turnkey. The expenses

The costs of building a house are divided as following: the project is approximately 4%, the structure is 36-40%, the masonry  7% and the finishes between 39-40% of the total costs.

The costs for a shell house are 45-60% lower than those for a turnkey house.

Opting for a shell house has the following advantages: you might get a better deal on the land and the plan and you can customize it depending on your wishes and needs.

Nevertheless, there are inconveniences when finishing it: the lack of a clear terms and conditions contract, a build-up dead-line and the final price.


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