8 Decorating Tips For Bedroom

The bedroom is the room where we recharge our batteries for the next day. Consequently, decorating it should be a priority for all of us and not confine to a random interior design, tasteless and lacking any positive effects on our mental state. If we looked at how to decorate a bedroom from the Feng Shui perspective, here is a brief review of some decorating tips from bedroom, coming via Homedesignlover.com, highlighting basic ideas we should also heed.

Go for the right colors – use neutral colors, warm colors, earth colors and pastel colors. These should be used in your walls, ceilings and even your furniture. Avoid using bright colors for this will not stimulate you to sleep.

Choose the right bed – pay attention to its size because if you use a large bed, your bedroom will look small and crowded especially if your room is not too big. If you use a bed which is too small, it will look awkward. Keep the size of the room in mind when buying or ordering one custom-made. Also, do not ignore the potential of a good mattress.

Leave space for traffic – do not crowd too much pieces of furniture so you have a hard time then moving to and fro. A cluttered bedroom has no contribution to that state of profound relaxation you are after at the end of the day, let alone the visual impact a wall of furniture has on anyone walking in.

Decorate the walls – so that to bring extra accents and contrasts, without exaggerating with the patterns. Use wallpaper, picture, paintings or kids’ art work to invite a plus of aesthetics into the bedroom.

Pick the right flooring material – instead of using cold flooring like ceramic tiles, marble or granite, make use of laminated flooring, wood, or carpet. It is not advisable to use ceramic tiles because it will only make your floor cold.

Match bedcover and curtains – you can choose darker fabrics if your room is light and lighter fabrics if your room is dark. Also, rely on carpets and rugs for the same relaxing effect, making sure they keep the pace with the rest of the room chromatically.

Pay attention to lighting – whether natural or artificial, light plays a crucial role in a room. If the natural light is not sufficient, than diversify the sources of artificial light, so, instead of using lights in the middle of the ceiling, use lampshades, up lights and pin lights. Using these type of lightings will give a great mood to your room.

Last, but not least, go for clever storage spaces, preferably built-in. Beds are usually a good host to such smart space saving solutions. If the room is too small, work the walls and use any available space in an intelligent manner.

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