Decorating A 200 Square Meter Garden

A small garden challenges an owner or a specialist to identify well-designed ideas. Just as we’ve previously seen in article on similar topics, the small space cannot be an obstacle to setting up a garden that can be the ideal place where to recharge the batteries, whether we speak about a flower or a veggie garden. Today we will look at decorating a 200 square garden, in a series of advice meant to turn the space into a relaxing and welcoming area.

Landscapers generally recommend a minimalist style to apply to a small garden so that the area doesn’t seem crammed or suffocated by too many plants and shrubs. By all means, before making any further design steps, make sure you figured out what purpose the garden would serve. If you think of it as your outdoor dining area, then go for the specific furniture. If you want it to be the place where the kids can play, then adjust the design for this objective. In most of the cases, a garden serves general purposes, so it is ideal you find a place for a swing seat, a slide, a barbecue, a pizza oven or a table and some chairs.

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Equally important is to match the garden with the house design. A rustic style house goes very well with a garden featuring curves, knolls, stone focal points and water areas. If you have a modern style house, then go for a minimalist garden, with straight lines and modern materials, such as stainless steel fixtures.

In Romania, a 200 square meter garden can take between 400 and even 10,000 Euros out of your pocket. The grass lawn classifies as a low investment, while imported trees, such as the silver fir, Japanese maple or thuja will raise the costs. A solution would be a grass lawn in the middle so you can enjoy an open space while the sides can accommodate flower beds, shrubs and other ornaments, such as those made of river stones.

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But beyond the minimalist style, a strict geometric division of the space is not recommended, turning to rather a dynamic landscape, featuring curvy pebble pathways. Do not hesitate to show off your craftsmanship by making garden furniture and decorations out of recyclable materials, such as wood pallets and tires. Rely on planters made from the same materials to add interest to various corners of the garden.


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