How to decorate a bedroom for siblings to share

Most of the time, brothers and sisters must share the same room a few years in a row. But this is not necessarly bad, as long as the room is properly arranged, so that every child has privacy. Besides, a common bedroom will help the little ones learn to reach compromises. Thus, to avoid the reasons for arguing, discover in the following lines what are the rules you must take into account when you arrange the room for brothers or sisters.

How to decorate a bedroom for siblings to share

The first advice is to involve children in arranging the room, since the first Schmbari. In this way, you will avoid any complaints that may occur later. So let the little ones choose the bedding, the lingerie model or even the decorative objects.

When you arrange the room, it is important to let them display their personality. Thus, as far as possible, leave the two sections of the room free, which each can decorate itself. It could be a wall to decorate, an area near the bed for a rug or a corner of the room. Make sure that the choice of one of the children is completed with the other’s choice.

Then, set some basic rules to teach children to respect each other’s assets, such as to ask permission to use toys or instruments that do not belong to them. To teach them that everyone has the right to privacy, ask them to knock when it is closed. If you involve the little ones in setting up a list of rules there are high chances that they will adhere to them on their own initiative.

Give them as much space as possible. Don’t load the floor with all kinds of furniture. Consider using bunk beds, if the small ones are open to this option.

Organize the space in such a way that every single thing has its place. Children are disordered, and if two or more children are playing at the same time, at the end of the fun, the room will be full of toys. It is much easier to conditionezi children to be ordered if they know that any toy has its place.

Here are some images to get inspired from when you arrange the room for brothers or sisters:



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