What To Do With Cotton Balls – 7 Practical Ideas

It is a hygienic accessory which is found in any home. But cotton balls don’t usually make it out of the bathroom. We use them to remove nail polish and makeup, to help clean cuts and scrapes, but that’s about it. It’s too bad, because there are plenty of other fantastic uses for cotton balls, from cleaning to removing pests. Here is what to do with cotton balls in some situations you may have not thought they could help, as seen on Goodhousekeeping.com

Lime and rust deposit quickly on chrome faucets, knobs, or other fixtures that start to look a little polka-dotty, soak cotton balls in a solution of vinegar and water, and place them on the offending spots for a few minutes to dissolve mineral deposits.

We stay in the bathroom which you can freshen up by placing a few drops of a sweet essential oil, like cinnamon or orange, on some cotton balls. Pile them into a small bowl, and set on a shelf where they’ll emit a subtle scent.
If you fall asleep on the beach, then a cotton ball dipped in vinegar or a baking soda and water solution can offer some relief, soothing that stinging burn.

Did you know that you can remove permanent marker from your skin by dipping a cotton ball into some milk and then rubbing the arks away? Well, that was a big surprise for us, too.

If you’re faced with an ants or bugs invasion, then saturate a cotton ball with some water, borax, and sugar, and place on a small dish. The mixture will attract and kill bugs. You just have to make sure to keep pets away from the place.

Speaking of intruders, here is an efficient solution to keep rabbits away from your vegetable garden. There’s nothing more irritating than seeing all your summer toil vanish in a minute. Dipped in vinegar, a few cotton balls can keep these adorable scavengers from making lunch of your flowers or veggies.

If you have nothing within reach, then light the fire in a stove or in a cam. All you need are some cotton balls and a tub of petroleum jelly to start it in a second.

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