The Most Common Mistakes in Interior Design and How to Avoid Them

Complete furnishing and house decorating are pretty challenging tasks. When buying a new house, you can be so enthusiastic about having all that free space to decorate as you please or so anxious to see everything into place, that you can take some hasty decisions you’ll regret later. Here are the most common mistakes in interior design and how to avoid them.

1. Impulse Buying

There are house owners out there that, right after they bought the place, start buying furniture they like without even measuring the rooms. You shouldn’t go furniture shopping without the plan of the house with all the measurements and without having an idea about what you want in every room.

2. The Most Common Mistakes in Interior Design. Piling Up

There’s a fine line between a room decorated down to the last detail and a pile of things filling a room. Your chosen furniture and accessories should indeed fill the room, keeping it functional, ensuring good flow and rendering it attractive.

3. Forcing In Something That Doesn’t Fit

Any piece of furniture or accessory you may like, but just doesn’t fit the room, because of its size or overall design, shouldn’t be there. If it doesn’t connect to the other things in the room, just put it away.

4. The Most Common Mistakes in Interior Design. Matching Everything

Not making mistake no. 3 doesn’t mean everything in the room has to match everything else. Don’t try to coordinate everything, even if you did like that catalogue living room so much. Yours will probably not look the same and it will lack interest. To make a room attractive, you need to have something unexpected too, like a vintage piece amomg all the new furniture and accessories. This is what gives interest and warmth to a room.

5. No Focus Point

Every room has to have one focus point from where you start to build the rest of the decor. In the living room, it’s usually the TV or fireplace, in the bedroom – the headboard (which is a must by the way), and in the bathroom – the vanity area.

6. The Most Common Mistakes in Interior Design. Hanging Artwork

When you hang a picture above a headboard, couch or any piece of furniture, its bottom should be 8 – 10 inches away from the latter. In hallways and on staircases the distance has to be 66 inches from the middle of the picture to the floor or step.

7. Exposing Collectibles Everywhere

Having a lot of photos, souvenirs and other collectibles doesn’t mean they have to be all over the place. Putting a few in different places will leave the impression of clutter. They stand out much better if you keep them together: pictures on a wall or figurines on a shelf.

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