Clever Uses Of Magnets – Easy Home Solutions

Magnets have always fascinated us, especially when we were kids, thanks to their unique properties. But beyond a mere play and using them to decorate our fridge and boast our exotic destinations during holidays, magnets have a myriad of practical uses, many of them hard to identify unless experienced. So here are some clever uses of magnets, ranging from simple to complex things.

Let’s start with the simple things and among them we remind attaching notes to the fridge or labels in a shop, closing the doors of a cabinet, purses, backpacks and necklaces, attaching toys together, such as trains and trailers, building magnetic puzzles, key hanger in the kitchen, attaching metallic boxes in the fridge, organizing tools in the garage by fixing to the wall for easy access, attaching outdoor Christmas decorations by placing magnets under the metallic eaves and these are just a few of them.

If you drill a hole in the wall and drive into a metal stud, then the whole effort is useless. To avoid these unpleasant and unaesthetic situations, pick a powerful magnet and slide it across the wall. Wherever the magnet doesn’t stick to the surface, it means it is one of the places where you can drill a hole. Use the same recipe to locate nails under the floor or collect nails from a repair job outdoors.

Those who ride motorbikes know very well storage spaces can be an issue. Well, specialists say that some powerful magnets can easily attach some small bags on the side of the motorcycle, such as the tank. Magnets are strong enough to stay fixed even at highway speeds, they also say. Check with a magnet selling expert if you want to do that.

If you want to clean an aquarium on the inside or any other inaccessible corner of a window, put your trust in magnets again. Take a strong magnet and roll it in a cloth or put it inside a sponge and guide it from the outside by means of another strong magnet. Do the same to clean a large window, easily pushing the clot wrapped magnet towards that area.

If you have old magnetic locks and are out of order, then attach a magnet to them to bring the mechanism back to life. Furniture makers use powerful magnets to make invisible magnetic locks. Do the same to unblock the locks of a car in winter in freezing temperatures, by placing a magnet over the lock.


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