Clever kitchen tips and tricks

We often talk about various tricks that make our daily activities easier. For example, we recently talked about why you should put an aluminum foil on the ironing board, why you should cut a corner of the dishwasher, why is it advisable to put ice cubes in the flower pot or how you can defrost the meat in less than 5 minutes.
Today, we are back  with a series of tips and tricks in the kitchen. Read on to find out why it is advisable to put onions in the freezer, what to do if the wine starts to change its taste and how to make vegetables more crunchy, and other useful tricks.

Kitchen tips and tricks

  • Before you chop the onions, put them in the freezer for 10 minutes. That way, when you chop it, you will not cry a single tear;
  • If you want your vegetables to be more crunchy, all you have to do is put them in cold water. You can do that when you cook with carrots, celery or radish;
  • If the wine you have at home begins to change its taste and becomes sour, do not throw it away. Instead, put a few raisins in the bottle and you will see that it will have a good taste again;
  • For the kitchen salt to stop harden, put a few grains of rice in it;
  • As for when you prepare some desserts, replace the eggs with a banana for a special taste;
  • For the cheese in the fridge to withstand more, wrap it in paper.
What tricks do you know? Share them with us.

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