How to clean the oven tray in less than a minute

Often, the process of cleaning can give us headaches. Especially when it comes to things in the kitchen that can be burnt. Before we reveal how you can clean the oven tray easy and fast, here are some of the most effective tricks we’ve uncovered in the last period.

We recently discussed how to wash bed linen so that we keep them white and soft,but also how often they need to be washed, according to specialists. On this occasion, we learned that many British people change their bed linen only a few times a year, which is very wrong.

Returning to the kitchen items, read on to learn how to clean the oven tray in less than a minute.

How to clean the oven tray in less than a minute

If not washed immediately after use, the oven tray can become a real chore due to burnt and hardened fat, which seems impossible to remove. However, we have discovered an efficient method, through which you can clean the oven tray easily and quickly. You need two ingredients that you most likely already have in the house: hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. All you have to do is put the two ingredients in a spraycontainer and mix well. Then pulverizes the solution in all areas where there are arsa grease stains. Put over another layer of baking soda and let the solution act for two hours, then clean the tray with a clean cloth soaked in warm water. You’ll see that the grease stains will disappear quickly and you won’t have to scrub the oven tray for hours. Besides, you don’t risk damaging it, as it would if you used an abrasive sponge. This solution is also effective against rust, if you have an old tray, which you have not used for a very long time.


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