Chrysanths for a Colorful Garden. Planting and Caring Tips

This time of the year they are everywhere, but how can you grow chrysanths for a colorful garden? If you also care for these nice round bushes of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple or white flowers, we offer you some planting and caring advice.

Chrysanths or mums are a variety of perennial plants that bloom in all colors except for blue.

If you want their palette in your garden, you can purchase them now and plant them or keep them indoors in pots over the winter and plan them in spring. It’s ideal to move them in a larger pot though, in fertile and permeable soil.

chrysanths for a colorful garden

In the garden, they must be planted keeping a 14 – 16 inch spacing, where they have enough light, in well drained sandy soil, rich in organic substances. They must be trimmed at 1 – 1.5 inches and covered with dried leaves or hay in order to survive the winter cold.

Indoors, while still in bloom, make sure they have good lighting, fresh air and a temperature below 68 degrees. Don’t water them too often, keep their soil wet, not soaking wet and remove the water that drains in the plate under the pot. Bear in mind that darkness, dry heat and water excess aren’t good for them. It’s best to keep them in a closed, unheated porch or balcony.

In winter, when their stems wither, water them seldom and be make sure they don’t freeze. The ideal temperature for them is 40 – 50 degrees.

Cared for in these conditions, they will grow sprouts in spring. Plant them in the garden right away.

Each spring, trim their stems at 4 – 6 pairs of leaves in order to have nice round bushes of chrysanths for a colorful garden.

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