Choosing a Condensing Central Heating Unit. Advantages and Disadvantages

How does a condensing central heating unit work and what makes it more efficient? If a traditional heating unit heat is released only by burning fuel or consuming electricity, a condensing one introduces a new process that reuses  energy after burning, storing it and using it to increase the system’s capacity. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a condensing central heating unit.

A conventional heating unit typically offers around 84% efficiency, while a condensing one goes up to 95 – 100% on average.

Also, a condensing unit that is correctly installed can have a capacity of over 100% (meaning it consumes less than the amount of heat it provides).

Advantages of choosing a condensing central heating unit

  • higher efficiency
  • lower consumption: approximately 25 – 30% under the consumption of a conventional unit
  • higher life expectancy: around 15 years, compared to around 10 for a conventional
  • environmental-friendly through lower energy consumption
  • ideal for floor heating, thanks to the optimal temperature it reaches
  • better quality: using the new condensing technology means using better materials, so the overall quality of the product increases, regardless of the brand
  • an attractive design and an improved control panel, easy to use and with multiple applications

Disadvantages of choosing a condensing central heating unit

  • higher price, though the difference will be covered fast enough by the lower functioning costs
  • conditions for condensing: for such a unit to function optimally, there are certain requirements regarding insulation of the building, choosing the right unit and whole heating system size. If those requirements aren’t met, the unit’s capacity is diminished
  • a drainage system is needed because of the large amount of condensation water
  • a neutralization system for the condensation water, which is slightly acid, may also be needed, for a larger unit


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