Children’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas. Playing In Style

When decorating your little one’s or little ones’ room, you are probably not lacking in ideas. What you need to find is a concept to make the room coherent, stylish and virtually transform it into a small universe to reflect the child’s personality. Here are a few children’s bedroom decorating ideas to inspire you to find your own theme.

This is the bedroom of a little boy whose favorite color is blue and who is passionate about travelling and adventure. So the parents chose a large blue carpet that stands out but lighted up the room with bright yellow accents. The overall look of the room is light and airy as it beautifully reflects the child’s adventure spirit.

children's bedroom decorating ideas

Attic rooms are a dream for any child. This girl’s room has a Scandinav simplicity to it, expressing calm and order. There’s the white background and a neat array of different color accessories that give the room a very modern look and reflect the new trend of creating more interesting and meaningful decors in girls’ bedrooms than those pink-invaded ones.

children's bedroom decorating ideas

This absolutely charming bedroom for a little girl was decorated mixing vintage and contemporary elements and keeping a whimsical note. After all, why should those fairy lights be taken out only at Christmas? The easy to reach storage space makes it easy to tidy up, encouraging the child to keep his own things in order.

children's bedroom decorating ideas

Involved in the decoration of this colorful themed room, the boy whom it belongs to learn the numbers and what a hexagon is.

children's bedroom decorating ideas

Children’s bedroom decorating ideas. For 3 children

This cool bedroom is shared by three boys. Each has his own super cool platform bed suspended from ropes at differing levels, an individual wall light and artworks adorning their space. The same white – grey – warm yellow palette is reproduced in every bed, so the room looks clean and uncluttered.

children's bedroom decorating ideas

Children’s bedroom decorating ideas. For twins

Three-year old boy and girl twind inhabit this bedroom. The colors chosen for each one’s personal space complement each other and give the room an unified look. The shelving  above each bed is perfect for storing toys and books, and they can accessorize it with their own items.

children's bedroom decorating ideas



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