Chic Gardens – Tips to Personalize Your Backyard

A house that represents us, strongly personalized, is our best visiting card. But when you leave your mark on the garden as well then you have a consummate space of comfort and leisure for the hot summers and cool evenings. And since we spend more time outside, in the back yard, than inside this time of the year, we recommend you several easy steps to personalize these spaces and give them a dash of vitality, as compiled by Huffington Post.

The first of the tips that turn these little oases into chic gardens is getting a fire pit, like the one shown below. It looks very stylish in the garden, original in appearance, and also lights your evenings and warms you at the same time.


Chic gardens in the city

Chic gardens – beautiful fire-pit

Don’t be afraid to play with colors! Just as colors bring back to life dull spaces in home design, the same way some colorful outdoor pillows can make the difference and break the chromatic monotony. If you also have a dog, you can get it a bed as well.

Chic gardens in the city

Chic gardens – full of colors

Use every corner to grow plants vertically if you have a small garden. Patios are ideal to raise such small grids that will please the eye and bring extra nature to cemented spaces. You can choose among various options for such vertical gardens patterns.

Chic gardens in the city

Chic gardens – grow vertically

Pave you garden alleys in a very original way! Let you imagination run wild and turn the little paths winding in the garden in a personalized walk, full of color.

Chic gardens in the city

Chic gardens – personalize the alleys

A relaxing space cannot be complete without lawn chairs, especially some with an eye-catching design. The strongest effect gardens probably have on our psyche is when lying right in the middle of it. At the same time, hang a hammock in the garden and let the coolness and the tranquility of the evenings fill you with joy.

Chic gardens in the city

Chic gardens – lawn chairs

Chic gardens in the city

Chic gardens – a hammock for peaceful evenings

Bring butterflies into your garden! In the big cities, their presence is a rare sight so such guests flying in your garden is by all means a reason for satisfaction. Grow glowers, such as pansies, lilies and daisies, in containers and let nature settle in.

Chic gardens in the city

Chic gardens – let butterflies come over

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