Changes for a Greener Home You Can Make Right Away

Making some changes around the house to protect the environment doesn’t necessarily mean large investments in solar panels or other expensive technologies. Behaving more responsibly, ending some wasteful habits and making some purchases that will bring you savings in the long run is where you should start. Here are more than 10 changes for a greener home you can make right away.


Replace incandescent light bulbs, with high consumption and short life expectancy, with the more eco-friendly fluorescent, halogen ones or LEDs.

Use rechargeable batteries.

Don’t keep your refrigerator in the sunlight or keep its door open longer than necessary, because it will have to work and consume more. Your refrigerator and freezer are probably the biggest electrical energy consumers in your house. Leaving them open for just a few extra seconds wastes a lot of energy. Also keep your freezer full, because it works more efficiently.

Unplug appliances. Electronic appliances, including TVs, computers, and CD players can consume almost as much energy when in standby mode as they do during the relatively small amount of time they’re being used. You can use extension leads with a switch to easily turn them on and off.

Changes for a Greener Home. Heating

Let the sunlight in for as long as it lasts in winter and it can save up to 10% on your heating bill.

Changes for a Greener Home. Your Car

Look into carpooling opportunities in your town, instead of driving to work every day by yourself.

Don’t keep junk in your trunk because it increases the car’s consumption.

Rent a hybrid when taking a road trip.

Changes for a Greener Home. Paper

Stop that mailbox clutter with bills. Get them in digital format and pay them online.

Read your favorite newspapers and magazines online.

Start using cloth kitchen towels and napkins, instead of paper ones.

Changes for a Greener Home. Paper

Get cloth shopping bags and use them all the time.

Go with your reusable mug at the coffee shop in the morning.


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