16 Ingenious Cement Cloth Garden Ornaments

There is nothing standing in the way of imagination when it comes to recycling old items, which normally end up in the trash bin, and then repurposing them to serve other goals in our households. And since we are mad about ornaments, here is a series of cement cloth garden ornaments that will catch you by surprise thanks to their new and ingenious shapes. Pictures all come via Pinterest.com

Here is a fun easy project for everyone — create a unique rustic cloth planter for your front porch, lanai or just about anywhere. Purchase and organize all supplies prior to starting the pot-making process since the cement needs to be worked with quickly to prevent it from drying before you are finished. Make sure to wear old clothes, lay out a drop cloth, and work in a well-ventilated area as the project can get messy.


In short, you use old clothes, cement and water. Precisely, it takes 2 parts cement and 8 parts water so that the mixture is thick enough to be able to sustain the fabric. Take them out to dry for more than 24 hours and the mixture will catch the final shape. Use buckets to create these molds and before taking them out to dry, make sure you cover the buckets with a plastic foil to be able to remove the support easily.

obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-6 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-7 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-15 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-16 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-17

The old pairs of jeans are the most accessible options when it comes to making such beautiful DIY garden planters. The fabric is sturdier and is the best choice for such unusual mixtures with cement. The images below suggest some possibilities to recycle the old pairs of jeans, giving them an authentic decorative role.

obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-1 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-2 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-3 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-4 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-5

Cement, by itself, metamorphoses into shapes that make the natural landscape in a garden more dynamic. Coming in either human or organic shapes, these decorations surprise us thanks to their natural look which integrates them perfectly into the surrounding environment. Below are several examples that can inspire you.

obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-8 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-12

Finally, here are some other ornaments that can personalize your garden or any other outdoor space, such as the patio or a large balcony.

obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-9 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-10 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-11 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-13 obiecte-de-gradina-din-ciment-si-haine-vechi-cement-cloth-garden-ornaments-14

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