How to Build a Wire Fence on a Foundation Step by Step

Wire is the cheapest fencing material there is. A wire fence is also easy to make. After installing the support pillars, all you have to do is unroll the chain link or attach the welded wire to them. You can thrust the pillars directly into the ground or plant them into a concrete foundation, which is advisable if you have animals that could dig their way out or potential intruders that could dig their way in. This is how to build a wire fence on a foundation.

You can use steel pipe for the pillars planted in reinforced concrete. To build the foundation, start by establishing and signaling its trajectory with some rope and wooden stakes.

How to build a wire fence on a foundation. The moat

Following this trajectory, dig the moat 12 inches wide and 15 – 20 inches deep. Place concrete iron down along the moat.

Also dig where the gate goes and place concrete iron at the base to increase the resistance of the support pillars for the gate.

Next make the casing.

How to build a wire fence on a foundation. The pillars

Before planting the pillars, cut them at the desired height, depending on the height of the wire, and weld a support at their base, formed by two X-shaped steel bars.

Place the first pillar in the casing and measure the distance to the next one with a wood board the length of the welded wire, it’s safer than using a reel measuring tape. For a aesthetics sake, you should start placing the pillars from the gate sideways.

How to build a wire fence on a foundation. The wire

If you use welded wire, you will weld it further to the pillars in four points. The welded wire panels will meet halfway on every pillar.

If you use chain link, you have to attach it to some angle bars you weld on the pillars.


Apply some rough coat on the pillars to keep them from rusting and after it dries, apply paint, preferably two times.


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