How to Build a Toolshed to Protect Your Expensive Gardening Tools

To keep a nice garden, with some trees around maybe, you need several tools, which are nor small, nor cheap. So building a toolshed is a must around any house with some land around that the owners want to turn into a nice place to enjoy. Here’s how to build a toolshed, simply and economically.

First of all, get the permit you need for the construction.

You should reserve 40 – 45 square feet on your plot for a toolshed that’s spacious enough.

How to build a toolshed. Materials

The bearing frame will be created from fir girders and it’s ideal if they are fireproofed and treated with germicides.

The bindings of various bearing parts, poles, girders and rafters, will be made with galvanized corner plates, zinc or brass, that will be fixed in wood bolts of an adequate length.

The side walls will be coated with panels of 1 – 1,3 inches.

The floorboards must be 2 inches thick.

The roof will be made using 1 inch boards. For this you can also use OSB panels or other types.

The roofing can be made with bituminous shingles, self-adhesive bituminous membrane or various types of plate sheets.

How to build a toolshed step by step

You can build-up a small foundation for your toolhouse, not taller than that of a common fence, or it can be stone-walled with no mortar. The easiest way though is to dig 7 – 8 inches into the ground and fill with gravel. Dig into the gravel and fix the girders, then nail the 2 inch floor boards.

Build-up and proceed with the panelling.

The door may be wooden or iron, bought or homemade. Fix the hinges on the door, place it where it will be fitted and mark accordingly, then fix the hinges on the doorcase.

The rafters must be fixed at no more than 31 inches from one another and they must stretch 11 – 12 inches away from the side walls.

Fit the boards or panels on the rafters and cover with the roofing material of your choice.

how to build a toolshed


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