Brief Guide To Building A House – Advice From The Specialist

One can write for ever about the process of building a house since it involves too many decisions and evaluation criteria to cover it in a single article. We have already taken a look at what documents one needs in the bureaucratic phase of this process and we will therefore move on to some basic elements which help you conclude this successfully. A specialist has outlined the basics for us, giving us a brief guide to building a house, synthesizing the essential steps that, once covered, create the premise of very good results.

The secret of a very good house lies first of all in attention to details which implies some patience, a key element of other major decisional process we undergo in life. Since the bureaucratic phase is covered, let’s take a close look at acquiring the land lot which will host the future home. Here are some recommendations we got from Costel Radu, head of the company Lora Construct.

“When we evaluate a land lot we have to consider the distance to the city center if we want to consider its value in time. It should be as close to the city as possible and then make sure you do a thorough evaluation of the neighborhood and vicinity, too. Visit the location a couple of times at various times of the day so you can get a good glimpse of the neighbors. Do it in the warm season, not in winter, when neighbors go out more often. Make sure it is a civilized area, that the plot of land has inhabited areas on both sides, that it features all the necessary utilities and is large enough to be able to construct the dream home, with no constraints entailed. Try to also find out what type of soil the land consists of so to rule out risks of flooding and landslide. Don’t make the mistake to buy a plot of land out in the open field, hoping others will join you in time”, he told

An ideal surface of a land lot should start at 300 square meters, with the standard sizes 12X25 meters, width and depth, he added.

We then asked him what the minimum budget should be set aside for a quality structure. “A house, in principle, should feature at least four rooms, namely three bedrooms and a living area, spaces which generally match needs of a family of four. A rooms under four rooms is not justified from an investment perspective, one has better buy an apartment. As concerns a 4 room house, the ideal living area is 150 square meters. For this area, in terms of budget, one needs to consider investing about 500 Euros per built square meter, this sum including all the property design elements, such as fences, alleys and so forth. And, with this sum in mind, a 150 square meter house should take about 75,000 Euros out of your pockets, a minimum budget here for a quality building”, Costel Radu pointed out.

The architect warned that any house built for less than 400 Euros per square meter is not qualitative. “For this sum, one has to cut back on quality and amount of materials. And when you rely on cheap materials than you should know that the house will soon take its revenge on you”, he said.

His plea goes on. “How do you choose a doctor, for instance? But bear this in mind, when you go to a doctor you just go for yourself, but when you build a house you do it for the whole family, so that entails bigger responsibility. So think that, before choosing a medic you give this a lot of examination and assessment, so you should do the same when building a house, if not even more”, Radu added.

Go for a plan that meets your needs, evaluating all the functional aspects and aesthetical alike, he went on. Think of the family in perspective before acquiring a house plan. It is ideal to plan a room for each family member and an extra one for likely visits of friends and relatives. At the same time, he added, build a house based on modern plans in keeping with nowadays building standards, so pick experienced and visionary architects.

Hire a builder not lured by a possibly deceitful commercial, but following a consistent assessment which also involves meeting former beneficiaries. One this step is taken, control all the phases of the construction and give your green light to any stage. Even if you don’t know much about this, make sure you inform yourself, with the Internet providing sufficient reliable information.

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