Brick houses. Three beautiful and economical projects

After seeing earlier a few houses under 100 square meters, but very spacious and welcoming, we return with an article in which we discuss brick houses. Specifically, we have selected three projects of btick houses, economical and very beautiful at the same time. Discover them in the ranks below.

Brick Houses

The first house has a modern look and is ideal for a larger family, having a sharing that allows arranging up to 4 bedrooms. However, its surface is only 56 sqm and the cost of the construction is below 22,000 euros. On the ground floor you can have a bedroom or a desk with a living room, kitchen and bathroom. The attic is space for three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Brick Houses

The second project is a modern dwelling, on two levels and a usable area of 141 square meters. It is a house where brick and wood combine harmoniously on all planes, resulting in a dwelling with a superior aesthetics, which highlights it. On the ground floor, the house practically combines the living spaces with a bedroom that can also serve as a working space, all filled with a terrace covered with a gorgeous wooden pergola. Upstairs, three bedrooms split two balconies, with small wooden inserts under the eaves for a natural, friendlier look. The price of the house is estimated at 62,500 euros on the key.

Brick Houses

 In any case, the combination of natural tiles will have a delightful effect. It is a traditional house with a neat and warm look, which measures 93 sqm and can bebuilt to the key for about 36,300 euros. It also has a very practical division of interior space. There is a hallway that separates the part with the bedroom and the office or two bedrooms, depending on the needs, the one with the living room and the kitchen. The latter is equipped with a pantry and there is also a very useful technical room. Rooms that can be arranged as bedrooms are separated by bathroom.

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