Attic Houses – Why To Choose Them

Romanians prefer attic houses, which has been confirmed by numerous architects and the large number of this type of constructions seen all over the place, either in the urban or rural environment. We’ve tried to find out why, namely the advantages that come with this type of architecture and that convince Romanians to pick attic house at the expanse of the flat roof two story homes. We have sat down and spoken to the team of architects at, a house plan specialized website, to find out why attic houses top the list of choices Romanians have when it comes to either building or buying a home.

Since it all comes down to money these days, when it comes to attic houses, building costs and taxes are lower than those involved by a flat roofed two story house. The living area of an attic, the one considered by authorities when calculating taxes and fees, is 25 % lower than the one of the latter, so, as a consequences, taxes are lower, too.

If we limit the comparison to a single level house, you should also know that costs involved by an attic house are not much higher while you still get to benefit from a double living space. In the same context, you can arrange spaces inside the house, when it comes to an attic house, so they match various types of activities: ground floor for living, socializing and spare time while the first floor hosts the privacy area.

Building an attic house is easier than a flat roofed two story house, with subsequently lower maintenance costs due to a lower living area. Building an attic house involves less materials and hence the easier construction process and lower costs. But the financial economy also translates into saved time which means you could move into an attic house sooner.

Attic houses

Attic houses – various designs, all sharing beauty and elegance

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And since we mentioned the building process among the pros, an attic house allows you to set up and finish the two stories gradually. So, if you don’t have enough money left to finish the first floor, you can still move into the house since the ground floor is already ready, with you left to complete the process whenever money permits.

The attic house has also a lower environmental impact and is the right solution for those having small plots of land. This argument applies in a comparison to a single level house.

The exterior design of an attic house is somewhat more appealing, while the interiors exude comfort and intimacy. An attic house has a design which is closer to the classic image of a house, more elegant in fact. On the other hand, flat roof two story houses seem to better connect with modern cubist architecture. Attic houses can still receive modern design elements which blend very well with a classic look.

Last but not least, the interior design can be more interesting in terms of a larger variety of choices. When it comes to the attic space, the interior design ideas are way more captivating, allowing a diversification of the décor.

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