An Old Painting Studio Becomes a Stunning Contemporary Apartment in Budapest

The loft of a building in the Hungarian capital Budapest, which hosted the studio of a famous local painter, was renovated by a home design firm which completely transformed it, turning it into an apartment featuring bold contemporary lines, in a stunning succession of personalized rooms and original ornamental accessories. Here is a brief tour in the splendid contemporary apartment to highlight the beauty of tasteful design ideas.

The designers chose to keep element of the old structure, such as exposed brick walls, and added industrial elements in a series of colors, textures and lights that make this apartment a unique space. This space blends the industrial with the organic seamlessly, and you can see that here in the open kitchen living space. The brick wall is quintessential for an industrial space, but mixed with the warm wood cabinets and the scattered plants, this space is infused with a bit of nature, according to

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The unusual shape chandelier hanging above the dining table is the central visual piece of the open living area. It’s industrial, rusty, and the shape mirrors the rest of the rectangular space. At night, when turned on, along other lighting fixtures in the other rooms, the light mysteriously bounces off the bright floor. As a matter of fact, this light-floor duo continues all the way along the corridor.

The kitchen and the dining area than expands into a living space which lies on a raised platform enabling large views thanks to the ample glazings that open it to the outdoors. A yellow armchair in a corner is a beautiful pop of color against the dark background. A same item makes a fine visual appearance in the master bedroom. In the guest bedroom, the bed is neatly tucked in the corner right by another pair of giant windows. This small desk design in a nook is a great way to maximize space. By simply fixing up a floating shelf and parking your favorite chair next to it you can achieve the same look.

The incredible slate used in this bathroom once again plays on that modern-organic feel. The green, blue, gray color is stunning and the different cuts of tiles on the walls and backsplash add some more dimension. Dark walls are again balanced by the artificial light.

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