Why you should always wash new clothes before wearing them

Nowadays, it’s like everything’s fast forward. When we go in a shopping center, we don’t know what to start with. If you need a simple blouse, let’s say, considering it’s winter, it’ll be almost impossible for you to find it. Dozens of colorful sweaters, but no simple sweaters, which you can wear in several combinations.
However, today we will not talk about how to do smart shopping, we will not talk about fast fashion and the fact that if we look closely at the people around us, they all seem to have clothes bought from the same store. No. We’re going to talk about the fact that the new clothes, which you just bought in the store, are not as clean as you might initially think. That being the reason why they need to be washed before wearing them.
If you do not wash new clothes, you risk developing certain allergies, skin irritations or even more severe diseases. About all this in the ranks below.

Why you should always wash new clothes before wearing them

The explanation comes from Donald Belstio, Professor dermatologist at Columbia University Medical Center. He says that the clothes that have been bought must be washed before being worn because for those clothes were used colorants and other chemicals, which can lead to allergies and irritations. And when the clothes are washed, these substances are removed.
It also draws attention to the fact that there are many infectious diseases that can be transmitted through the clothing. For example, if sick people have tried them on before, then there is a risk that the following people who try on those clothes take certain diseases.
Moreover, before the clothes reach the shelves of shops, they have been touched by many people, because they have undergone a complex process (fabrication, transport, sale). So many bacteria have accumulated on their surface.
If when you buy an item from a second hand or an outlet, you wash it as soon as you get home, the same must be done in the case of clothes purchased from the big shopping centers.
For washing new garments, you can only use boiling water without detergent. Do not forget to check the label before washing them, to ensure that the temperature at they can be washed so that they do not deteriorate.
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