Affordable wooden houses. Prices starting at 21,000 euro

Wood is one of the favorite materials of the Romans. For this reason, I have prepared in the ranks below the projects of cheap wooden houses. We selected both houses with ground floor and attic houses, and the most accessible of them cost only 21,000 euros. See below what our proposals are:

Affordable wooden houses

The first house we have chosen has a useful area of 141 square meters, providing plenty of space for a family of four members. Wooden finishes are easily spotted from the entrance, in the back identifying a gorgeous pergola from the same material that covers a terrace. The interior space is generous, including the living spaces of the United States and with access to the terrace mentioned earlier (a second is at the entrance), two bathrooms and three bedrooms located in the opposite corner, for more quiet. The key price of this House is nearly 67,000 euros.


Affordable wooden houses

The second project is a large house, with ground floor and attic and an area built with slightly over 100 square meters. The ground floor is fully dedicated to the living area, in a single open space, with access to an outside terrace. Upstairs there is enough space for arranging two spacious bedrooms, one of them open on a superbly-held balcony, supported by columns. The estimated price offered by the manufacturer is between 320 and 340 euros/square metre built, with small fluctuations that depend on the area of the chosen house.


Affordable wooden houses

The third and final project is a house of wooden panels, on one level and an area of 67 square meters. The builders say that such a house can be mounted within 30 days of placing the order, the costs being between 10,500 euros (to red) and 21,000 euros (turnkey). It is a small house, in simple lines that outline a classic but attractive design by variatiunileing the façade. At the side, the house is equipped with a small covered terrace, accessible directly from the living room. The house houses a small, three-person family, and is structured in a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.

Case din panouri din lemn - design simplu, spatiu suficient

case din panouri din lemn wood panel house plans 3 case din panouri din lemn wood panel house plans 4 case din panouri din lemn wood panel house plans 5




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