5 Must-Have Tools for a Small Garden or Orchard

Any size piece of land can be efficiently exploited to make the most of it. To properly take care of your small garden or orchard, you must have the adequate equipment, to save both time and effort and get the best results.

Motor hoe

Farming lands under 5,000 sq ft, can be very well taken care of with a motor hoe. It’s the simplest equipment for mincing the soil before sowing, weeding out and digging. The motor hoe is used from spring to autumn, for a various range of activities on smaller surfaces, including green-houses and solaria. Motor hoes work on electricity or gas, so make your choice depending on how you wish to use it – plugged or unplugged and regularly fueled.

Electric grass trimmer

Electric grass trimmers are ideal for use on narrow surfaces, where a scythe or mower can’t do the job. It’s time and effort-saving, plus there are no skills required as when you use a scythe.

Motor pump

A motor pump connected to the irrigation system will ensure the water resource for caring for your garden through the droughty season.

Sprayer pump

To efficiently spray pesticides, there is a wide range of sprayer pumps with different capacities on the market. Spraying ensures the solution will stay on the leaves longer for a maximum effect.


Motor saws are used around the house all year long. Be it for cutting wood for the winter, removing dead branches or entire old trees, chainsaws are a must-have.

Credits: albinutamagica.ro, clovis.ro

Photo credits: blog.tehnicbazar.ro, ursuflorin.wordpress.com, youtube.com

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