5 images that remind us of the ’90s

We start the week with some nostalgia and we remember our teenage years and all the things that we enjoyed then. If last week we discussed more DIY projects and we saw 27 special ideas to decorate the flower pots, today we come back with  something different.
It’s not the first time we’ve talked about things that remind us of the ’90s. Recently, we discussed 5 cosmetics from that time. On the same topic we continue today and talk about some toys, sweets and accessories that have made our childhood more beautiful.

5 images that remind us of the ’90s

Turbo chewing gum
Oh, yes! It was sold at every neighborhood store and it was the cheapest gum, but we all adored it. If you miss its taste, know that it can still be bought.
During that time, the most famous toys were these little dolls with colorful hair (which some of us still have) and this colorful plastic toy that we hand it from one hand to another, without getting bored. Do you remember? Oh, and let’s not forget the Barbie dolls and their little pink shoes that we always lose around the house.
The Bonibon candies, the sugar candies that you can wear as a bracelet, the gum in the form of a cigarette or the small, round gums are just a few examples.
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