5 foods you should never wash before cooking

Since childhood, we have been taught to wash everything we are going to eat, but experts do not agree with this theory and think that there are certain foods that we should never wash before cooking because, in most cases, instead of getting rid of bacteria, we’re spreading them in our kitchen.

With that in mind, here are 5 foods you should never wash before cooking.

Foods you should never wash before cooking. Eggs

If you usually wash the eggs before putting them in the refrigerator, you should give up this habit. Why? Because a special substance is often put on eggs to protect them from contamination by bacteria  and during the wash, especially if you use some kind of soap, the protective layer is removed.

Foods you should never wash before cooking. Mushrooms

You may think it is ok to wash the mushrooms before cooking them, but you should not be washing them. In fact, they should never be soaked in a large amount of water because they absorb water very quickly. In addition, they will lose their elasticity and taste. What you need to do instead is to quickly pass them under water and then wipe them with a napkin just before you cook them.

Foods you should never wash before cooking. Chicken

The bacteria on fresh chicken are very dangerous for our health and when you wash it, the water will scatter the bacteria from the meat. Among the most known and frequent bacteria found on chicken meat is Salmonella, and studies show that 47% of people who have the habit of washing chicken are infected with Salmonella. What you need to do instead, before cooking, is to boil the chicken for a few minutes.

Foods you should never wash before cooking. Pasta

Chefs think that washing pasta should be illegal to wash the pasta before cooking them because the water removes the starch, the substance that helps the sauce get better absorbed in their texture. If you want to make a salad, for example, you can rinse them with water, but only after they have been boiled.

Foods you should never wash before cooking. Meat

As for red meat, it should not be washed before preparation because this process spreads the bacteria. So you should not wash fresh meat, before cooking. Use instead some napkins to absorb the excess liquid from the surface and boil it a few minutes.

Foto: telegraph.co.uk

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