5 devices that burn energy even when they are turned off

We are always looking for solutions to pay less monthly, but sometimes we do not pay attention to the little things and they can make all the difference. For example, did you know that energy enemies are right under our nose? Specifically, there are devices that consume power even when they are turned off. Do you always keep your phone charger plugged in? Well, it is burning energy even if you do not charge your phone. And that’s just an example. In addition to the phone charger, there are other electronic devices that consume power even when they are not operating. In this regard, we have listed below 5 devices that consume energy even when they are tuerned off. Check the list and answer honestly: how many of them do you leave plugged in non stop?

5 devices that burn energy even when they are turned off

Phone charger – as said above, this is one of the devices that consume energy even when you are not using it. Thus, it consumes about 1.2w per day, if it plugged in but you are not charging your phone;

TV tuner – if it is just turned off, not disconnected, it consumes about 22w / day;

TV – when you press the power button, do you think the TV is turned off? Apparently, this only sends the TV to standby mode and continues to consume an average of 24 watts per day;

Laptop – 9 out of 10 people let the laptop plug in, even if they do not use it for days, and it onsumes about 96 watts per day;

Any electric device with a timer –  it can be a microwave or an over with an electronic display, for example. To limit your electricity consumption, unplug the oven and save 108w per day.

Apart from the fact that they burn energy even when they are turned off, it is advisable to unplug the appliances fr because  electrical networks may have surges and this can lead to quite serious incidents.

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